In each issue of the Cyber Risk Monitor, StoneTurn’s Cybersecurity team highlights the significant issue(s) of the previous month, along with key action items and/or areas to monitor.

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In the premier issue of our monthly Cyber Risk Monitor, Luke Tenery and Nathan Fisher provide actionable and timely analysis of the most important cyber risk and intelligence trends across the areas of reconnaissance and targeting, initial intrusion vectors and changes to on-network activity perpetrated by threat actors.

May’s Intelligence Trends:
  • Supply chain intrusions result in more third-party breaches as threat actors move to access enablement operations.
  • Several new vulnerabilities drive a renewed emphasis on automated exploitation.
  • Poor user account hygiene provides easy, hard to detect, malicious access.
  • Ransomware extortion now leverages embarrassing executive data.

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Luke Tenery brings over 20 years of experience helping leading organizations mitigate complex cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital risks. He applies expertise in cyber investigations, threat intelligence, incident response, and […]

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