StoneTurn is pleased to announce that Partners David Stern (UK), Neil Ashton (UK), and Co-Chair Simon Platt, Kyla Curley, Rex Homme, and Luke Tenery have been named in the Who’s Who Legal: Consulting Experts 2022 guide. 

  • About David Stern. Financial Advisory and Valuation | Quantum of Damages. According to Who’s Who Legal, David is “the ultimate professional with a rare mix of hard work and strong testifying skills.” With over 25 years of experience acting as an expert in forensic accounting investigations and complex business litigation, David has been instructed across a wide range of complex domestic and international litigation and arbitration disputes. He has acted as a party expert and expert determiner and to date has given oral evidence under cross examination on 35 occasions before the UK courts and arbitral tribunals in Brussels, London, Lusaka, Miami and Paris. Highly regarded by clients and counsel for his commercial and responsive approach, his work encompasses quantification of loss and valuation analysis as well as accounting expert witness work in the areas of contractual disputes, joint venture and shareholder disputes, post-acquisition claims, competition and antitrust work, civil fraud in domestic and off-shore matters, and business interruption claims. 
  • About Neil Ashton. Financial Advisory and Valuation | Quantum of Damages. According to Who’s Who Legal, “Neil Ashton is highlighted by various clients for his ‘sensible, grounded and well-prepared’ reports relating to multifaceted quantum issues.” With 25 years of experience, Neil acts in complex domestic and international litigation, arbitration and mediation and has worked as an expert witness, adviser or expert determiner for clients in a wide range of industry sectors. Neil has been named as a Global Leader by Who’s Who Legal, being recognized in Arbitration – Expert Witnesses in 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019 and Quantum of Damages in 2021 and 2022. He is cited by clients as “a renowned expert in the quantification of damages and a specialist in post-M&A cases,” clients noted “his ‘great efficiency’ and ‘thoroughness of his preparation’” and commented on him as being “extremely knowledgeable” and “a real asset on any case.” Neil is listed as a Thought Leader in both the 2022 and 2021 Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration guide. He has significant experience in the evaluation and quantification of damage due to breach of contract or business interruption. He is commonly involved in post-acquisition matters and the valuation of businesses in a dispute context and he has also led, and testified in, engagements involving allegations of fraud and corruption and investigating the financial consequences. Neil has given oral testimony both in Court and before arbitral panels on a variety of matters, including large-scale multi-$100m proceedings. He has given evidence via witness conferencing as well as traditional cross-examination. 
  • About Simon Platt. Forensic Accountants. Simon co-founded StoneTurn in 2004. He previously served as the firm’s Managing Partner until 2016, when he was appointed Chair and in 2022, Co-Chair alongside co-founder Christopher Martinez. Simon has led many accounting and financial disclosure-related investigations on behalf of Audit and Special Committees of Boards of Directors. He has also testified in US Federal and State courts and at arbitrations, assisted in mediations and acted as an independent, neutral arbitrator in accounting-related matters. His engagements include numerous expert testimony and non-testifying consulting roles. Simon’s extensive background includes working with companies from large U.S. multinational corporations and foreign public companies to smaller, privately-held enterprises, across a wide range of industries.  
  • About Kyla Curley. Forensic Accounting | Future Leaders. According to Who’s Who Legal, Kyla “is singled out for her superb work in complex financial fraud investigations and brings over two decades of experience to her practice.” As a forensic accountant and CPA, Kyla’s experience includes accounting investigations related to revenue recognition, bad debt and inventory reserves, financial statement, and public disclosures, and other issues related to the application of GAAP. Kyla’s experience includes investigations into the flow and usage of funds, and transaction lifecycle reviews of institutional and private investments, acquisitions, and other significant activity. Kyla is also experienced with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and transactions. As a Certified Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigator (CCFI), Kyla conducts reviews into digital asset lifecycles to assist investors, law enforcement professionals, or other stakeholders to identify and isolate digital assets, and to assist with recovery, when applicable. 
  • About Rex Homme. Forensic Accountants. Rex has more than 30 years of experience providing clients with financial consulting and accounting advice on forensic accounting investigations, complex business litigation matters, bankruptcy matters and general business-related disputes. Rex has advised audit committees, boards, senior management and outside counsel with cases involving risk assessments, financial restatements, accounting irregularities, accounting defense, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations, fraud and embezzlement, and financial due diligence. His experience includes analysing GAAP and GAAS issues. Rex has also led complex business litigation cases and bankruptcy matters involving lost profits quantification, accounting guidance interpretations, partnership disputes, trading activity analyses, purchase price disputes, cash analysis, solvency matters, breach of fiduciary duty and alter ego claims.  
  • About Luke Tenery. Global Elite Thought Leader for Digital & Data – Data and E-Discovery Experts. According to Who’s Who Legal, “Luke Tenery is widely considered ‘an expert in the cybersecurity space, often sought after for his deep subject matter expertise’ on data and investigations.” Luke brings over 20 years of experience helping leading organisations mitigate complex cybersecurity, data privacy and data protection risks. He applies extensive expertise in cyber investigations, threat intelligence, incident response, and information risk management to assist clients—from prevention to detection, mitigation through to remediation and transformation. Luke is certified chief information security officer (C/CISO) from Carnegie Mellon, among other information security certifications. He has performed interim leadership functions for his clients. He has also advised on cyber issues at the intersection of risk and compliance, as well as those related to financial fraud and data integrity. 

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