Just one individual’s negative behaviour can have a detrimental effect on a group and, for large organisations, the threat from just “a few bad apples” increases tenfold. With internal fraud figures climbing each year and current economic conditions heightening all three elements of the fraud triangle, organisations need to know where their key threats lie and the effective responses that can be deployed to minimise the threat.

A legion of simple but effective tools can be implemented to identify early warning signs of fraud, from employee surveys to understand the cultural climate of your organisation, through to targeted data analytics to spot anomalies. A robust compliance framework that’s operating to prevent, detect and respond to internal fraud will help stop rotten apples from tainting the apple cart.

Internal Fraud: Tools To Identify A Few Bad Apples

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Lucy Cryan, a Manager with StoneTurn, has a background in forensic accounting investigations, and dispute resolution. Over the course of her career, Lucy has conducted investigations into fraudulent activity, accounting […]

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