Domestic Terrorism (DT) is not a new phenomenon in the U.S., but the scale and impact of the invasion of the U.S. Capitol revealed how serious the threat has become, with clear indicators that the capabilities of these groups and lone actors (once considered fringe) have reached a maturity with devastating consequences.

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As the investigations into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot continue, domestic terrorism is becoming an evolving threat for in-house security teams to be aware of. In Bloomberg Tax, Nathan Fisher discuss why domestic terrorism is increasingly a threat to financial institutions and how to address the risks it may pose to your business.

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StoneTurn Cybersecurity Managing Director Nathan (Nate) Fischer

Nathan D. Fisher

Nathan Fisher, a Managing Director with StoneTurn, brings over a decade of experience investigating national security threats to the U.S. government. As a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of […]

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