Patricia Smaldone

Patricia Smaldone, VP of Human Resources with StoneTurn, brings more than three decades of experience as a human resources (“HR”) expert with an emphasis on strategic human resources management, talent acquisition and development, and executive coaching.

She has served in various HR roles with firms ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, high-tech and consulting industries. As a business leader first, Patricia translates business goals into HR priorities to drive optimal results. She effectively partners with the business to design global strategic HR solutions to support growth that is balanced with an engaged workforce.

At StoneTurn, Patricia is also a devoted “coach” to the firm’s Partners and employees, offering firm-wide collaboration and support. She is an advocate for the performance management process as a driver of success for both the firm and its professionals, espousing the message that everyone should recognize their strengths and “own” their career strategy. Additionally, she ensures that HR aligns talent acquisition, training, benefits and compensation with the firm’s values while maintaining competitive offerings.

Prior to joining StoneTurn, Patricia held various leadership positions with financial services firms, including KeyBank and KeyCorp, Fleet Bank and Fidelity Investments. In 2001, she relocated to Atlanta to assume an executive position with a start-up insurance firm, which was later purchased by Axis Capital, where she established all HR functions for the firm that eventually went public. She gained experience in consulting as the HR Director for a global procurement company and as an executive coach for the Mulling Corporation.

Patricia is a certified Birkman Consultant.

Turn to Patricia

StoneTurn is not hierarchical; the expectation is for everyone to have a voice and share it appropriately.

Patricia Smaldone

Q: What do you think sets StoneTurn apart?


While it may sound trite, I know this to be an absolute truth…at StoneTurn, it’s the people. From the Partners to the newest employees, the emphasis placed on having the “right” people is never compromised and it shows. The consistency of that commitment and the level of respect I receive are unlike any I have ever experienced. I am valued as professional in my work, but more importantly, I am respected as a person. Plus, I laugh every day!

Q: Can you tell us about StoneTurn’s collaborative approach?


Collaboration is a competency we expect from everyone in the firm. For me, it means my opinion counts—whether directly as an expert in my field, or generally on a subject that has a broader effect on the firm at large. StoneTurn is not hierarchical; the expectation is for everyone to have a voice and share it appropriately.

Q: Why is the culture at StoneTurn important to you?


Culture is the magic sauce that “makes” a firm. StoneTurn’s motto is to be “smart but fun.” Once you join the firm, you quickly become protective of the culture to ensure we do not lose what makes it so special. I get up every day knowing that I have the opportunity to do my best work and enjoy myself while I am at it. I am privileged to serve as the firm’s HR leader and am proud to be a “brand ambassador!”