Lisa Camerlengo

Lisa Camerlengo, Director of Marketing with StoneTurn, brings nearly 20 years of marketing strategy, branding, communications and digital media experience to the firm. She serves as the lead strategist and implementer of StoneTurn’s marketing efforts to support brand-building and business development initiatives.

Since joining StoneTurn, Lisa has led the firm along a journey that has included client research, the development of brand messaging, and reimagining StoneTurn’s look and feel with the input of creative experts, which will culminate with the launch of a “refreshed” brand in 2017. She is also a member of the firm’s Executive Team, and serves as a trusted adviser to the firm’s Partners and employees.

Over the course of her career, Lisa has created and implemented “brand journalism” communications strategies to reach targeted audiences. She has also been a passionate leader of digital marketing efforts, including websites, e-mail direct marketing, webcasts, SEO and social media. Lisa’s communications expertise spans various industry sectors, including professional services (consulting and real estate), media and entertainment, health and fitness, food, and women’s issues.

Prior to joining StoneTurn, Lisa served as Director of Marketing Communications at a global professional services firm, where she led a team focused on external marketing communications efforts. Previously, she worked in Marketing at The Deal, a financial news organization later acquired by The Street. She began her career as a multimedia journalist with The Deal, recording daily “podcasts” and writing the Movers & Shakers column.

Turn to Lisa

StoneTurn values people over profits, team over individual and strives to satisfy its clients at every turn.

Lisa Camerlengo

Q: What do you believe sets StoneTurn apart?


By and far, StoneTurn’s culture sets the firm apart. It became immediately apparent to me in the interview process that StoneTurn maintains a focus on its people and on working collectively to achieve common goals. I have been quite impressed, not only with the caliber of expertise at StoneTurn, but more so that the firm’s leaders truly care about developing the careers of its professionals. Having worked in consulting for more than a decade, the differences in approach and attitude are astonishingly clear—StoneTurn values people over profits, team over individual and strives to satisfy its clients at every turn.

Q: Can you tell us about StoneTurn's collaborative approach?


StoneTurn’s collaborative approach, again, speaks to the idea of working together to achieve common goals. It is this mindset that has supported the brand refresh journey from the outset. Internal feedback is extremely
important when evaluating branding, if not more important than market perception, since employees serve as
brand ambassadors. Therefore, branding efforts can fall short without overwhelming internal support. I joined the firm because I recognized a significant opportunity to showcase a unique type of consulting in action—what we now call the “StoneTurn Experience”—and that it would be successful due to StoneTurn’s collaborative approach. This is very rewarding for employees and remarkable for clients, since effective internal collaboration leads to more positive outcomes.

Q: Why is the culture at StoneTurn important to you?


In Journalism school, they teach you an old adage, “Show me, don’t tell me.” StoneTurn’s culture exemplifies
this sentiment. Many firms tout culture and core values, but employees often discover that those are simply words written on a page in a handbook. StoneTurn employees are thoughtfully recruited and share a passion for maintaining a culture built on continually striving for professional growth, maintaining a healthy work / life balance, participating in the firm’s operations, and seizing opportunities to work on interesting and challenging client service opportunities. I look forward to coming to work every day because the culture makes it such an enjoyable and fun experience.