Andrew Galbraith

Andrew Galbraith is a Managing Director in StoneTurn’s Houston office. He has more than 17 years of experience in litigation support and valuation consulting. Specifically, he focuses on intellectual property.

Andrew has worked with clients across various industries, including oil and gas, healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, waste management and insurance.

Prior to joining StoneTurn, Andrew served as a Director in the Valuation Services Group at Alvarez & Marsal. He was also a Director in the Litigation and Valuation Consulting practices at Grant Thornton and Kroll. Earlier in his career, he served as an Associate Director of Litigation and Valuation Consulting at Navigant.

Andrew has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) designation. He is a member of the CFA Institute and Houston Society of Financial Analysts.

Turn to Andrew

StoneTurn’s culture is a distinctive set of “people-focused” core values that defines how we interact both as a team and with our clients.

Andrew Galbraith

Q: StoneTurn is known for being collaborative. Describe for us how the firm is able to work so seamlessly with clients and as colleagues.


Collaboration can be challenging and complex, especially when your client base and team of professionals are internationally dispersed. Consistent and frequent communication amongst the team and with clients is critical to maintaining a collaborative process. StoneTurn’s approach begins prior to an assignment, as we strive to establish a clear and mutual understanding of expectations between all engagement participants. With this understanding, we are able to execute with the appropriate team and efficiently leverage relevant expertise throughout the matter.

Q: What do you believe sets StoneTurn apart?


In today’s evolving world of intellectual property damages, our experience, expertise and dedication sets us apart. StoneTurn employs some of the most recognized experts in the nation. We have earned a reputation for delivering comprehensive expert reports, as well as the aptitude to provide clear and compelling testimony.

Q: Why is the culture at StoneTurn so important to you?


Developing a high-performing company culture is more important now than ever.  A strong corporate culture of respect for clients and each other creates an enhanced mutual trust and collaboration. It is the primary platform for recruiting, motivating and retaining our talent. I believe StoneTurn’s culture is a distinctive set of “people-focused” core values that defines how we interact both as a team and with our clients.

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