Over the last 18 months, economic headwinds have shaped corporate strategy and planning. As organizations shift gears for the long-term, they should look to a key value-driver for the organization: the General Counsel.

The challenges GCs tackle today go beyond legal and risk, and often align with key factors for strategy, growth and sustained success. They have become a critical voice at the table, equipped with deep expertise that can help businesses both weather the storm and drive value into the future.

StoneTurn digs in on key issues on the horizon, and provides insight to help GCs respond.

From legal to leadership, the General Counsel has a new mandate: driving value in a high-risk world.

Thwarting Insider Risk

Understanding and managing insider risks is not a new discipline. The manifestation of insider-related risks can be disastrous but the fact that these events are caused by people inside an organization rarely receives enough attention. That may be because we lack clarity about what insiders are and the threats they present.

Read our guide on The Insider Threat: Mitigating Risk Within the DNA of Your Organization. Our team’s insights on this topic continue to evolve, including:

A Partner in Cybersecurity

Over the last decade, GCs have collaborated closely with internal and external technology and security leaders on a range of cyber threats impacting their businesses. But what about the threats that come with a prospective new employee—even before day one?

Read more about how organizations can get a step ahead before a new hire’s contract is even signed in Plan to Protect: Cybersecurity for Employees Before Day One. Interested in learning more? Dig deeper into emerging cyber issues:

The GC can play a critical role in bridging multiple functions to mitigate risk internally and externally, and drive value for the organization at large.

Encouraging a Culture of Ethics and Compliance

Corporate settlement agreements used to be straightforward—pay the penalty and move on. Now, these resolutions rival complex business transactions, including months of negotiations and multi-year post-resolution obligations. Satisfying post-settlement commitments is a business imperative, not just a legal obligation. Meeting, if not exceeding obligations, helps restore brand value and improves employee and investor stakeholder confidence.

StoneTurn developed this Post-Settlement Guide to help companies and their external counsel prepare for and manage post-resolution obligations. Our suggestions draw from StoneTurn’s cross-disciplinary and industry expertise; past experience as regulators, auditors and prosecutors; our team’s many risks and controls engagements; and years of experience serving as government-imposed and voluntary compliance monitors and consultants.

Download our Post Settlement Obligations GuideAcross compliance, our team’s insights are rooted in decades of experience. Read more:

Follow along StoneTurn’s perspectives for additional insights critical for today’s organizations, both now and in the future:

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