Insider Risks often generate images of cyber breaches or government leaks.

But experience shows us Insiders can impact any industry, and often fly under the radar until something occurs. Whether you’re an owner, a developer, or a contractor, Insider Threats are real and pervasive on construction sites around the world.

According to the ACFE, the construction industry is among the Top Five industries impacted by fraud. The examples below examine how these risks can hide in plain sight.

Do you know your risk profile? In the graphic below, StoneTurn’s Construction and Real Estate professionals examine three common scenarios, the risks they present and how to mitigate these issues before they begin.

These include:

  • Invoices and change orders—and the need for risk management protocols to conduct due diligence and reduce the likelihood of risk flying under the radar.
  • Material audits—and how additional checks and balances in place can help safeguard against one person providing incorrect information.
  • Subcontractor and vendor risk—and ways in which background checks and other protocols can spot anomalies before they become costly problems.

Follow along for more information through our scenarios below.

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Faulty Footing: Change Orders and Invoices, Cutting Corners: Rogue Employees, Running Afoul: Kickbacks and Bribes

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