StoneTurn’s SEAscapes series highlights key risks, challenges, and opportunities for the Southeast Asia region.

The world has been no stranger to change in recent memory, and new risks have followed suit. While much of the discussion has focused on global implications, what does this mean for activity within specific regions?

StoneTurn’s SEAscapes series zooms in on Southeast Asia, taking a closer look at recent developments in Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. From political and economic shifts, to grappling with corruption and fraud, to the local impact of global conflict, we provide critical insights on what’s to come in the region. Learn more in each of our volumes below.

Volume 1: Malaysia

What’s next in Malaysia after the 15th General Election? As activity continues brewing amid state elections and more, our team examines what the next five years could bring for the evolving socio-political landscape.

The 100-day mark has become a popular point to assess a government’s initial performance against campaign promises. In the unity government, this reference point is of limited utility as it is unclear which campaign platform can or should be used to judge the various coalitions and parties in government.

From the cost of living to financial stability, from cultural considerations to questions about statehood, our insight unpacks what issues may arise in the near future.

Download a copy of SEAscapes: Malaysia to learn more.

Volume 2: Vietnam

Vietnam continues to perform well economically, and the country has seen investors’ interest soar. Will the activity sustain?

In the second part of StoneTurn’s SEAscapes series, we dig deeper into Vietnam’s Blazing Furnace, how it might have contributed to Vietnam’s improved ranking on the Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index.

From anticorruption efforts to foreign investment, and growing GDP, there is a lot to unpack—and more to come.

Read more about Vietnam in SEAscapes: Volume 2.

Volume 3: Thailand

Since the 1932 revolution, Thailand has transformed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy with an occasionally democratic government. The path to democracy has been rocky.

In the 91 years since the revolution, the military has dominated Thai politics and ruled for over 60 years, with support from the monarchy and the ultrawealthy urban elites.

What’s in store for Thailand with the latest election cycle, and what impact may the monarchy have on the new coalition?

Read more about Thailand in SEAscapes: Volume 3.

Volume 4: The Philippines

After his victory in May 2022, the President of the Philippines Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said, “Judge me not by my ancestors, but by my action.”

To mark the first year of his six-year presidency, our fourth edition of the SEAscapes series takes a closer look at Marcos Jr.’s leadership and actions to date.

Looking to the future, how will the Marcos Jr. regime make an impact for The Philippines, and how will they balance relationships with the U.S. and China?

Read more about The Philippines in SEAscapes: Volume 4.

Volume 5: Indonesia

Indonesia’s ever-changing constellations of political parties and politicians are gearing up for the 2024 elections, which will see voters go to polling booths to elect a new president, members of Parliament, and local legislative representatives.

To conclude our series exploring the Southeast Asia region, we take a look at the political landscape leading up to Indonesia’s 2024 presidential elections in the world’s fourth most populous country.

Read more about Indonesia in SEAscapes: Volume 5.

Looking to download the entire series? Click here for Volumes 1-5.

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