As the world evolves, so too does the role—and responsibilities—of the General Counsel. Is your organization prepared?

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The challenges GCs tackle today go beyond the traditional legal advisory realm and go to the core of the resilience and sustainability of a business. As they confront these new realities, GCs, in turn, rely on trusted advisers, both internally and externally, with business expertise that can help them prepare today to protect their organizations from the risks of tomorrow.

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The General Counsel: Risk Managing in a Complex Geopolitical World

The challenges GCs tackle today go beyond the traditional legal advisory realm and go to the core of the resilience and sustainability of a business. In addition to reacting to threats to their organizations, GCs have played a central, proactive role in anticipating emerging and future risks and protecting the organization against them. In order to help their organizations thrive in today’s evolving risk environment, GCs should focus on the following components as core to their role:

  • Identifying risks critical to the business
  • Managing risk appetite with strong infrastructure
  • Reinforcing culture
  • Long term risk resilience

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Shifting Cyber Landscape – Crisis Awareness as a Means to Prevent and Prepare

General counsels and legal risk executives are well suited to lead preparedness and resiliency for future crises, uniting key stakeholders across the organization, because of the panoply of impacts they see while counseling a diversity of business units and compliance concerns.

Global corporations should prepare to mitigate against cyber-attacks

Our team shares Five Considerations for Success and Maximizing Risk Resiliency.

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Why GCs Shouldn’t Ignore The DOJ’s New Corp. Crime Memo

Jonny Frank spoke with Law360 about the DOJ’s new corporate enforcement strategy and what it means for general counsels. According to Jonny, there are a few key points that should be top of mind:

  • Examine past incidents and what has been done to remediate them
  • Maintaining records of “good deeds”
  • Anticipating the need for self-disclosure
  • CEO and CCO compliance program certifications
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Expanding Role—and Value—of the General Counsel

Sweeping changes in geopolitics, the post pandemic global economy, and the shifting regulatory environment of the past two years have diversified and intensified the risks businesses face. The role of the General Counsel has increased in complexity and evolved from a legal advisor that manages active litigation, to a proactive, forward looking, strategic leader responsible for managing key business risks and maintaining the resilience of a corporation. These include:

  • Sanctions
  • Supply chain resiliency
  • Integrity and reputation
  • Crisis management

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