In the era of digital transformation, big data and the ever-increasing adoption of technology solutions in business, it’s no surprise that threat actors have taken to exploiting cybersecurity weaknesses to steal sensitive information, extort funds or otherwise create havoc in the corporate landscape. Such complex matters often demand equally complex solutions, which are perhaps best guided by multifaceted teams adept at bridging the gap between technology and finance functions within an organization.

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Cybersecurity and forensic accounting specialists share similar DNA, with the primary evolutionary difference being that the former focuses on safeguarding technology systems and data broadly, whereas the latter focuses on the safeguarding of financial information and assets. However, these two focus areas are often inextricably intertwined, creating a natural synergy for cybersecurity and forensic accounting professionals to serve as the right and left hands, respectively, on the same matter.

In their article for Accounting Today, StoneTurn Partner Eric Hines and Managing Director Nathan Fisher, discuss how cybersecurity and forensic accounting experts working in close collaboration with each other can deliver a powerful one-two punch in the face of corporate crime.

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Eric Hines

Eric Hines, a Partner with StoneTurn, brings almost two decades of experience in forensic accounting, controls / compliance and dispute consulting engagements. He serves as a consultant to attorneys and […]

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Nathan D. Fisher

Nathan Fisher, a Managing Director with StoneTurn, brings over a decade of experience investigating national security threats to the U.S. government. As a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of […]

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