A robust IT security program can reduce, shape, and mitigate the nature of threats but should not be expected to eliminate threats altogether, particularly cyber threats.

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The world in which multinational organizations operate today is fraught with complex and ever-evolving risks. However, just as an effective General Counsel and/or Chief Compliance Officer enables the business to seize opportunities while staying within the bounds of acceptable risk — savvy security teams and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) understand their company’s business and are able to align the security program to enable business imperatives and enhance shareholder value.

In a StoneTurn Client Alert, Luke Tenery and Ross Rustici explain how to tailor IT security controls to business risk in order to create a more robust cybersecurity program. The authors provide a roadmap for creating impediments to channel intrusions and business disruption and highlight how the C-suite can support these mission-critical efforts.

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About the Authors


Luke Tenery

Luke Tenery brings over 20 years of experience helping leading organizations mitigate complex cybersecurity, data privacy and data protection risks. He applies extensive expertise in cyber investigations, threat intelligence, incident […]

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Ross M. Rustici

Ross Rustici, a Managing Director with StoneTurn, has over a decade of experience advising governments and global corporations on cybersecurity matters, as well as building security and intelligence programs for […]

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