David Stern

David Stern, a Partner with StoneTurn, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, and has over 25 years of experience in forensic accounting investigations and complex business litigation.

Over the course of his career, David has been instructed across a wide range of complex domestic and international litigation and arbitration disputes. He has acted as a party expert and expert determiner and to date has given oral evidence under cross examination on 30 occasions before the U.K. courts and arbitral tribunals in Brussels, London, Lusaka, Miami and Paris.

David is well-regarded by clients and counsel as a “very experienced” forensic accounting expert, hailed for his “quick and responsive approach,” “balanced and considered work,” and “diligence, attention to detail and unflappable nature as an expert witness.” He is “a widely recognised figure in the European arbitration market, commended for his first-rate valuation analyses;” where “both his written reports and oral evidence are robust and accurate;” being “great to work with, effective and insightful;” and as “an accomplished expert on an impressive range of valuation issues.”

His work encompasses the quantification of loss and valuation analysis, as well as accounting expert witness work in the areas of contractual disputes, joint venture and shareholder disputes, post-acquisition claims, competition and antitrust work, civil fraud in domestic and off-shore matters, and business interruption claims.

David’s experience includes working with clients that operate in the U.K., the U.S., the Caribbean, EMEA and the Far East, and across a variety of sectors such as oil & gas, mining, metals, electricity & power, manufacturing, television production & broadcasting, financial services, insurance, advertising, property and retail.


Developments in International Arbitration

David Stern, a Partner with StoneTurn in London, provides an overview of recent developments in international arbitration and what clients can expect from an evolving U.K. business environment.

Areas of Practice

  • Litigation
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    Rising risks associated with corporate litigation. Potential reputational damage and significant losses. The threat of global claims. In-house and outside legal counsel and their advisers are not only tasked with mitigating significant risks, but also to do more with less in an ever-evolving legal landscape. StoneTurn’s experts bring decades of experience in business disputes. We work with clients to address the complex financial, accounting and economic-related issues in legal matters ranging from intellectual property disputes to international arbitration. We provide consulting and expert witness services for a range of proceedings –and collaborate with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

  • Expert Testimony
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    Expert Testimony

    When involved in high-stakes matters, legal teams and their clients need experts by their side to untangle complex facts and provide compelling testimony to ensure the best possible outcome. Our U.K.-based professionals have been publicly recognised in the legal community, including by Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration―Expert Witnesses and Experts, as experienced testifiers who make even sophisticated financial information readily understandable. StoneTurn’s experts analyse and explain complex concepts, prepare detailed analyses, and develop clear and concise findings, which are presented in reports and through testimony at hearings, trials and arbitration settings worldwide.

  • Investigations
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    Increasing scrutiny from globally coordinated regulators. Whistleblower allegations on the rise. Escalating losses from fraud. Corporate investigations are becoming more and more complex when it comes to gathering all relevant facts and managing any subsequent financial, legal and organisational implications.

    StoneTurn looks beyond the surface when it comes to corporate investigations. Our professionals have decades of invaluable, hands-on involvement in discovering information related to specific issues. Forensic accountants, data analytics experts and skilled investigators work together to find salient information that can support responses to an array of inquiries:

    • Private prosecutions
    • Cross-border investigations
    • Alleged breaches of economic sanctions
    • Asset tracing and recovery
    • Regulatory or compliance irregularities
    • Financial fraud and misstatements
    • Asset misappropriation
    • Anti-corruption
    • Anti-money laundering issues
    • Whistleblower allegations
    • Post-bankruptcy analyses
    • Discovery requests
    • Due diligence
    • Workplace harassment issues
    • Business intelligence
  • International Arbitration
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    International Arbitration

    An age of globalisation. Businesses trading across borders. Governments welcoming outside investors. As foreign markets provide significant opportunities for companies to expand, there is a greater risk of legal disputes. International Arbitration has become a preferred method of cross-border dispute resolution for its neutral forum, as well as the parties’ ability to select arbitrators who are experts in the field in question, and the flexibility to influence the rules of the proceedings.

    StoneTurn has extensive experience providing quantum damages calculations, analysis and investigative expert witness services in complex international arbitrations. Our team leaders have been publicly recognised in the legal community, and testified on international cases under arbitration rules such as ICC, LCIA, LMAA, SAL and UNCITRAL, across a range of industries.