When misconduct comes to light, organizations that successfully demonstrate comprehensive remediation can significantly reduce penalties and may avoid criminal charges and a government-imposed monitor. In fact, as monitorship expert Jonny Frank notes in Global Investigations Review (GIR): “…the greater focus now is on the quality of the remediation and the compliance program and less on the underlying misconduct.”

As multinationals prepare for increased government oversight under a Biden administration, Frank, his fellow StoneTurn Partner Mike Roos, along with experts from Covington & Burling and Morgan Stanley, explain how to best approach corrective efforts and meet regulator expectations for remediation of compliance failures. Listen in to the full discussion.

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Meet Jonny

Jonny Frank StoneTurn

Jonny Frank

Jonny Frank, a Partner with StoneTurn, brings more than 40 years of public, private and education sector experience in forensic investigations, compliance and risk management. He joined StoneTurn in 2011 […]

Meet Mike

Mike Roos

Mike Roos

Mike Roos, a Partner with StoneTurn, has more than 20 years of experience in forensic accounting, compliance and monitoring, and investigations. Throughout his career, Mike has focused on expert witness […]