Turning Points: 20 Years of Trust, Resilience and Partnership

Two decades ago, StoneTurn set out to create a different kind of consulting firm. From the start, StoneTurn’s founders had a vision of a highly collaborative, people-focused firm. 20 years later, and after vast growth, we never strayed from that initial promise – one where people come first, the quality of work is paramount, and building and maintaining long-term relationships is key.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, StoneTurn continues to succeed with a unique “one-firm” approach: valuing our clients’ needs, assembling world-class experts, and continuously adapting to meet evolving needs. As we continue to evolve over the coming decades, clients continue to Turn to Us as a trusted adviser because of our people and their expertise. StoneTurn is well equipped to prepare our clients for the next 20 years and beyond.

Learn more about how we help clients and dig into our milestones as a firm.

20th Anniversary Spotlight on Our People

Meet Greg Buchanan, a Partner in StoneTurn’s Chicago office.

In this Q&A, Greg focuses on the key changes in forensic accounting investigations over the last two decades, the power of having a nimble and global team of colleagues, and why soft skills cannot be overlooked as individuals and teams seek to grow. Click the image below to read the full Q&A.

What a Trusted Adviser Means in Practice

What does being a trusted adviser to clients mean in practice? Howard Scheck, a StoneTurn Partner in Washington, DC, is the former Chief Accountant at the SEC. His background spanning the Big Four, law, and government experience affords a unique perspective on how StoneTurn’s ability to serve clients is a key differentiator in an ever-complex business landscape.

Meet Kimberly Ratto, Managing Director, San Francisco.

In this Q&A, Kimberly shares how collaboration creates stronger outcomes for StoneTurn’s clients, and why the firm’s investment in its people is a clear differentiator in the market. Kimberly also discusses the current landscape for disputes, and what intentional growth may look like in the future. Click the image below to read Kimberly’s Q&A.

Looking Into the Crystal Ball with Jonny Frank, Partner, New York.

What does “entrepreneurship” mean at StoneTurn? What skills will be needed to serve clients of the future? And what may be on the horizon for consulting firms in the long-term? Jonny Frank answers this in more in his Q&A, read more here or click the image below.  

StoneTurn at 20 Q&A series, Jonny Frank

20 Years of Driving Results That Matter

Over the last two decades, our firm continually has evolved to best serve the changing needs of our clients. We are proud to serve as a trusted adviser to corporations and their counsel across the globe. Browse a selection of our work below.

Receivership of ArciTerra Companies, LLC   Internal Investigation into a Cryptocurrency Theft   $1.6 Billion Judgment in Breach of Contract Trial   Volkswagen Monitorship

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