StoneTurn was retained by counsel to a large cryptocurrency exchange to perform an in-depth collection and review of their client’s social media accounts to identify issues, topics, and allegations that would assist counsel in developing a legal strategy in defending the company against potential regulatory investigations. StoneTurn’s multidisciplinary team of investigators, cybersecurity, forensic technology and data analytics experts worked together to collect social media and traditional media data going back over 5 years related to the company’s social media presence, including public posts and comments on social media, and a review of any external comments about the company specifically related to customer grievances, controls circumvention, employee and whistleblower complaints.

Our cybersecurity team led an effort to scour the traditional and dark web for information related to these posts, while our forensic technology and data analytics experts identified and assessed media posts where the company delivered information to the public. Once the sources of interest were identified our forensic technology team collected and preserved the evidence. Our business intelligence and investigations team worked with counsel to develop a list of adverse search terms and topics of interest to cull down the universe of data requiring review. Our technology team leveraged Reveal, an e-discovery platform licensed by StoneTurn, to perform a manual and AI-assisted review of media flagged by our search terms. Using this state of the art technology allowed our professionals to analyze vast amounts of data with very brief turnaround time including over 8 million Reddit posts alone.

Our work for counsel is ongoing and our team is currently focused on identifying relevant information and working with counsel to understand how current crypto industry events are affecting the scope of work. Additionally, our technology experts have set up alerts to monitor ongoing relevant activity on the traditional and dark web, while the investigations team is continuing to monitor traditional media. Our work provided counsel and their client with important information to inform their legal strategy and predict potential future events in the wake of potential regulatory actions.