To celebrate StoneTurn’s 20th Anniversary, we’re spotlighting our people. Meet Greg Buchanan, a Partner in StoneTurn’s Chicago office.

In this Q&A, Greg focuses on the key changes in forensic accounting investigations over the last two decades, the power of having a nimble and global team of colleagues, and why soft skills cannot be overlooked as individuals and teams seek to grow.


What is your favorite part of working with StoneTurn?

The best thing about working here is truly our people. A lot of organizations say that, but it is a fundamental differentiator for our business. Our people-oriented culture puts a strong emphasis on teamwork, creating an organization where everyone has a voice no matter what their title. Our people are a multi-faceted group of experts with different experiences and perspectives, yet all collaborate to achieve our end goals. We truly enjoy working together and having fun, while being able to address our clients’ needs because we are better when we work together.

What does collaboration mean to you?

Collaboration is at the core of our culture. It means bringing the right people to the table each and every time a new matter arises. Given our global footprint, we take pride in the fact that we are unburdened by siloes. This means we are able to start a project in the U.S. and by the time I finish my workday in Chicago, a colleague is getting ready to start their day in Singapore and is able to continue the work without a pause or delay.  This model enables us to better serve our clients by getting everyone’s unique perspective on how to best address complex issues during each engagement, knowing no two projects are the same.

We not only collaborate when it comes to client work, but we work together with our peers to grow our networks. Whether that is in the form of events, one on one dinners or making the introductions ourselves. This makes us all better, more coordinated, and able to present to the market as a united group.


What has been the biggest change for forensic accounting over the last few years?

Today, more work is being done remotely, including interviews. Years ago, it was very common to have the entire team in a conference room at the client site for a few weeks or months. We are not seeing that happen as much anymore given how easy it is to hop on a video call. This technology has afforded us the opportunity to meet virtually whether someone’s in New York or Cape Town. This has come with opportunities and challenges, both of which we have been fortunate enough to not only master but integrate into our daily lives.

The amount of data that we collect and analyze continues to rise, which is why incorporating the latest technology is critical to ensure that we are not boiling the ocean. For forensic accountants, data analytics, AI and machine learning are proving to be game changers. We’re always looking for ways to apply our human judgment with next level technology.

What are the critical skills that forensic accountants of the future will need in order to succeed?

Understanding and using technology-based solutions, such as AI, machine learning and data analytics for information gathering, document review and analyses purposes will soon become a necessary suite of skills, if it’s not already, to best serve our clients. One does not necessarily need to be an expert in using these tools but has to know what options are available to present to clients and how to employ their most practical  use on matters.

Additionally, “soft skills” can’t be overlooked. Combining technical knowledge with sales and people skills as you move up the ladder is critical. In order to survive in this business, you must be able to not only sell work, but yourself.

Predictions for the Future

Where do you hope to see StoneTurn in the next 5 years?

I’m hopeful we’ll be able to continue on our trajectory as a successful global firm, building and sustaining key relationships with law firms and corporations in core markets, both domestically and internationally, and expanding our reach as we go. We’ve had a great 20 year run so far, and the next five will be an exceptional part of our journey, too.

Reach out to Greg Buchanan if you would like to discuss any of the topics above.

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