The recent Shanghai Police PII breach stands up to the claim that it was the single largest theft of personal data to date; perhaps the biggest hack in history, writes Daron Hartvigsen in Security Boulevard. But what are the broader implications around the globe?

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In an article for Security Boulevard, Daron considers the impact of such a breach across cultures. He raises questions, including, “It will be interesting to see what the Chinese authorities actually do in response to this rather large and very public breach of PII. Will China continue to bury the story and institute remedies behind the scenes? Or will they eventually use this event as an opportunity to borrow from the U.S. playbook and go after the thief using some law enforcement-themed nexus?”

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Daron Hartvigsen, a Managing Director with StoneTurn, is a cyber threat response and pursuit expert that brings nearly 30 years of related experience in commercial, U.S. intelligence, counterintelligence, and law […]

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