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Practice Areas

As a global advisory firm, StoneTurn assists companies, their counsel and government agencies on regulatory, risk and compliance issues, investigations and business disputes. Learn more about our capabilities:

  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
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    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

    StoneTurn brings a multidisciplinary team of experts in compliance, risk management operational excellence, data analytics and financial reporting to help clients navigate the complex regulatory, business, human and reputational issues that often arise when developing and implementing ESG initiatives. We work collaboratively to help organizations identify the right ESG risk framework and/or strategy, implement controls, verify impact and/or effectiveness of controls and measure results.

    Whether our professionals are investigating greenwashing allegations, shaping a purpose-led organizational culture built on trust and integrity, or evaluating the potential impact of an ESG risk, StoneTurners look beyond the numbers and leverage proven insights gained from assessing, monitoring and verifying information for some of the world’s leading corporations. In addition, our global team of former C-level executives is skilled at building engagement across the enterprise and with stakeholders, and in identifying creative solutions to unlock competitive business value through ESG programs.

  • Compliance & Monitoring
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    Compliance & Monitoring

    Corporate counsel, compliance professionals and internal audit teams face ever-increasing expectations. Regulatory scrutiny is on the rise. There is significant pressure to cut costs. The threat of reputational damage is significant.

    StoneTurn helps firms in South Africa become more proactive by identifying the sources of criminal and unethical conduct, and implementing procedures and protocols to avoid future problems. We also serve as a court- and government-appointed independent monitor to assess remediation efforts. Turn to us for subject matter and industry expertise, reliable investigative results, objectivity and a proven track record as a trusted adviser.

  • Investigations
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    StoneTurn looks beyond the surface when it comes to corporate investigations.

    Working collaboratively with your legal team, our professionals provide insightful investigative and financial analyses to help corporate leaders stay one step ahead. Rely on our forensic accountants, data analytics experts and skilled investigators to find salient information that can support responses to these high-stakes inquiries:

    • Regulatory or compliance irregularities
    • Financial fraud and misstatements
    • Asset misappropriation
    • Anti-corruption
    • Anti-money laundering issues
    • Whistleblower allegations
    • Discovery requests
    • Due diligence
    • Workplace harassment issues
    • Business intelligence
  • Litigation
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    Rising risks associated with corporate litigation. Potential reputational damage and significant losses. The threat of global claims. In-house and outside legal counsel and their advisers are not only tasked with mitigating significant risks, but also to do more with less in an ever-evolving legal landscape.

    StoneTurn’s experts bring decades of experience in business disputes. We work with clients to address the complex financial, accounting and economic-related issues in legal matters ranging from intellectual property disputes to international arbitration. We provide consulting and expert witness services for a range of proceedings with a singular focus — collaborating with our clients to achieve an objective and fair outcome.

  • International Arbitration
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    International Arbitration

    An age of globalization. Businesses trading across borders. Governments welcoming outside investors. As foreign markets provide significant opportunities for companies to expand, there is a greater risk of legal disputes. International Arbitration has become a preferred method of cross-border dispute resolution for its neutral forum, as well as the parties’ ability to select arbitrators who are experts in the field in question, and the flexibility to influence the rules of the proceedings.

    StoneTurn has extensive experience providing quantum damages calculations, analysis and investigative expert witness services in complex international arbitrations. Our team leaders have been publicly recognized in the legal community, and testified on international cases under arbitration rules such as AAA, ICSID, ICC, Lands Tribunal–UK, LCIA, LMAA, SAL, NASD and UNCITRAL. across a range of industries.

  • Expert Testimony
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    Expert Testimony

    When involved in high-stakes legal matters, counsel and their clients need experts by their side to untangle complex facts and provide compelling testimony to ensure the best possible outcome.

    StoneTurn’s experts analyze and explain complex concepts, prepare detailed analyses, and develop clear and concise findings, which are presented in reports and through testimony at depositions, trials and before other triers of fact.


In addition to extensive expertise in disputes, investigations, valuation, compliance & monitoring, forensic technology and data analytics, our professionals bring significant industry experience across a range of sectors:

  • Energy
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    Environmental volatility. Declining growth in consumer demand. Increased global focus on anti-corruption. Energy companies face regulatory, financial and economic pressures in an increasingly crowded marketplace. As revenues remain flat and decline, ensuring that compliance, anti-fraud and intellectual property risks are mitigated is integral to surviving in an industry riddled with uncertainty.

    StoneTurn’s professionals are experts in many of the toughest issues facing the energy industry today: acquisition and transaction disputes relating to energy trading; exploration and drilling; diminution in value due to environmental contamination; licensing and patent infringement disputes; FCPA and accounting fraud investigations and class actions; and ownership and royalty interest holder disputes.

  • Financial Services
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    Financial Services

    Heightened government scrutiny. New anti-corruption risks. Unexpected whistleblower allegations. The need to collect and manipulate ever-growing volumes of data. In a post-crisis world, financial services organizations require trusted advisers who bring deep industry knowledge as well as experience across the legal and compliance spectrum.

    StoneTurn’s expert professionals average more than 25 years of experience and have served at more than 25 of the largest financial services institutions, U.K. and U.S. regulatory and prosecutorial agencies, and Big Four audit firms. Our team draws upon this unique experience to help financial services clients manage risks, respond to regulatory inquiries, and investigate alleged fraud and misconduct.

Select Cases

  • Pre-Settlement FCPA Remediation
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    Pre-Settlement FCPA Remediation

    Following an investigation of corruption in Africa, StoneTurn assisted outside counsel with a review, assessment and remediation of an international agricultural company’s anti-corruption program. The assessment resulted in no criminal charges or monitor appointment.

  • Leading Global Investment Bank
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    Leading Global Investment Bank

    The DOJ appointed Jonny Frank to serve as Independent Compliance and Business Ethics Monitor to one of the world’s largest investment banks. Jonny and StoneTurn are assessing the bank’s compliance with the terms of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (“DPA”) related to LIBOR and EURIBOR manipulation; reviewing ethics and compliance programs across the bank, including policies and procedures designed to prevent and detect violations of antifraud and antitrust laws; and auditing antifraud and antitrust controls.

  • Investigation of Bribe Payments at Global Media Company
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    Investigation of Bribe Payments at Global Media Company

    The DOJ opened a worldwide investigation into bribe payments made to FIFA officials. Our client, a global media company, in cooperating with the DOJ engaged a law firm to perform an independent investigation into the possibilities of such payments. External counsel engaged StoneTurn to assist with interviews of company personnel, to review documents and e-mails and to perform data analytics to identify possible payments made to third-party intermediaries. StoneTurn also assisted counsel in presenting the findings to the DOJ.

  • Antitrust Matter
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    Antitrust Matter

    StoneTurn served as the expert in a bench trial of an antitrust case for the defendant, a large food product company. One of the company’s former contract poultry growers sued on several breach of contract and antitrust claims. StoneTurn served as a testifying expert relating to antitrust liability and economic damages. We analyzed competitive conditions in the poultry industry to demonstrate a lack of competitive injury in the market for grower services and to determine what, if any, economic damages were suffered by the plaintiff. The plaintiff rested its case after two full days of testimony, at which time its counsel immediately moved for directed verdict that was granted, awarding mini¬mal damages, as opposed to multi-millions, in one of the breach of contract claims. StoneTurn actively assisted counsel with cross-examination during trial in this matter and testified in deposition and a pre-trial hearing.

    Following the investigation, StoneTurn assisted the company with remediation of its entity-level process work flow, provided a risk assessment and developed a compliance manual. Also, StoneTurn developed the company’s code of conduct, anti-corruption policies and controls and procedures manuals. Subsequently, StoneTurn conducted compliance training for the company’s U.S. employees.