In Volume 1 of SEAscapes, we examine the impact of the outcome of Malaysia’s recent General Elections, provide a holistic view of the state of Malaysia’s political and economic standing, and give a preview of what may be to come.

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Four months on, the dust from Malaysia’s 15th general elections has settled but many questions have yet to be answered. In the first of our SEAscape series, we take a look at the evolving socio-political landscape in Malaysia, where Anwar Ibrahim is finally Prime Minister after a 25-year-long wait.

The 100-day mark has become a popular point to assess a government’s initial performance against campaign promises. In the unity government, this reference point is of limited utility as it is unclear which campaign platform can or should be used to judge the various coalitions and parties in government.

From the cost of living to financial stability, from cultural considerations to questions about statehood, our insight unpacks what issues may arise in the near future.

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