The relationship provides end-to-end visibility and streamlines access to compliance advisory services.

Skillsoft Compliance and StoneTurn, a global advisory firm that assists organizations with regulatory, risk and compliance issues, investigations and business disputes, have formalized a partnership designed to streamline the management of risk across an organization.

During this time of unprecedented business disruption, risks associated with fraud, bribery, and corruption are on the rise. By conducting risk assessments, enhancing due diligence efforts, and refreshing training, businesses can help mitigate misconduct and protect their organizations. With the help of StoneTurn, Skillsoft customers can now holistically assess their compliance program framework―stretching far beyond compliance training programs to business processes and system controls―in order to better mitigate risk.

By engaging StoneTurn’s compliance and legal experts, Skillsoft customers can evaluate their compliance programs, identify gaps and potential vulnerabilities, and gain recommendations on how to enhance and improve compliance efforts. StoneTurn’s team of multidisciplinary experts in accounting, audit, compliance, monitoring, data analytics, forensic investigations, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption/FCPA and other key compliance-related risks and controls help organizations navigate pre- and post-incident compliance matters and investigations.

Through this partnership, Skillsoft Compliance customers can access StoneTurn’s advisory services, including:

  • Risk Assessment: Identify and assess key risk areas, evaluate existing risk mitigation measures, and recommend risk and compliance program enhancements to minimize critical risks.
  • Compliance Program Review, Benchmarking, and Enhancement: Identify and assess potential risks and compliance gaps and assist with the design, implementation, and/or enhancement of an effective compliance program.
  • Code of Conduct – Benchmarking and Enhancement Review: Assess an organization’s code of conduct and provide recommendations on how to incorporate industry and other best practices and mitigate exposure to risks.
  • Third-Party Compliance Program Evaluation, Development, and Enhancement: Evaluate, develop, and/or enhance an organization’s third-party compliance program to minimize risks posed by illegal, unethical, or unmonitored third-party conduct.
  • Global Compliance Adviser: StoneTurn can assist organizations as a Global Compliance Adviser to provide day-to-day advisory support on a retainer basis. Quickly deploy a proven compliance team with in-house chief compliance officer experience to help companies handle compliance program support needs and to assist with Board, management, and investor/stakeholder confidence in the compliance program.

“As organizations proactively seek to understand and mitigate potential risks, our partnership with StoneTurn provides customers with essential compliance-related advisory services resources to navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment successfully,” said John Arendes, Vice President and GM Global Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft. “Combining StoneTurn’s proven advisory services with Skillsoft’s award-winning compliance training content enables organizations to further enhance their compliance program while better positioning the prevention and detection of misconduct.”

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