The nature of the compliance program is rapidly changing in this increasingly digitized and remote world. Regulatory authorities are pressing corporate compliance teams to be more data-driven. Investors, customers, vendors and employees expect them to be more technology and analytics capable. With added responsibilities of data privacy, cybersecurity and ESG, the task of continuous monitoring, automated reporting and actionable intelligence from disparate data systems, platforms, and procedures is often overwhelming for compliance professionals.

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But there is good news! Technology solutions to capture, aggregate, analyze and visualize large volumes of heterogeneous data present opportunities to digitally transform the compliance function with measurable performance improvement, operational efficiency and cost savings.

In this recorded webinar the panelists, using their varied experiences, delve deeper into the digital transformation journey in compliance to discuss:

  • The need for an upfront analytics maturity assessment
  • The methods to drive technology and analytics enablement of core compliance processes
  • The pros and cons of adopting off-the-shelf products vs. bespoke technology solutions
  • Collaboration with Internal Audit, Legal, Procurement, HR & IT teams
  • Change management and other implementation challenges
  • Risk mitigation, operational efficiency, cost optimization and other benefits

Ashley Page, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Endeavor
Ramkumar Ravichandran, Product Analytics Lead for Developer Relations, Google Cloud
Valerie Charles, Partner, StoneTurn
Paresh Chiney, Partner, StoneTurn

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Paresh Chiney

Paresh Chiney, a Partner with StoneTurn, brings more than 17 years of experience in the application of technology and data analytics to deliver business value. He works with clients—to solve […]

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Valerie Charles

Valerie C. Charles

Valerie Charles, a Partner with StoneTurn, has more than a decade of experience in advising and defending companies under investigation, as well as those focused on implementing and improving their […]

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