When it comes to hiring and retaining data analytics professionals, there are several challenges, writes Chuck Soha for TechCrunch. Just as the perfect job seldom exists, so goes the perfect candidate.

To strike a balance and fill the void for both employees and organizations alike, Chuck shares three key tips for attracting, retaining and growing the right talent.

  • Hire smart people and teach them the skills you need. Rather than a skill checklist, rely on case studies to uncover elements of quality in the hiring process.
  • Rethink performance management, define value-add metrics. Questions to ask during this process include:
    • Did the professional make a manual process more efficient thereby saving the organization time and making it more responsive?
    • Did the professional develop tools to cover more ground and increase the quality of work products while reducing risks?
    • Did the professional uncover actionable insights that influenced business decision-making?
  • Be flexible when it comes hybrid and remote work. Accommodating both remote and in-person preferences, and role requirements, will pay dividends for the employee experience.

Read the full article in TechCrunch.

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