The whistleblowing landscape has changed substantially over recent years, with high-profile cases accelerating new whistleblower protection regulations and intensified regulatory environments driving companies to re-evaluate their reporting systems.

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In this StoneTurn Client Alert, Julia Arbery, and Jonny Frank, outline ten practical steps companies can take to improve the whistleblowing framework, specifically:

  1. Encourage speak-up through all channels (not just the whistleblower system)
  2. Choose an approachable name for the system or program
  3. Elect an appropriate framework gatekeeper
  4. Use a blended team
  5. Provide system and policy access to third parties
  6. Build confidence through well-resourced and transparent processes
  7. Motivate with stories of encouragement and reward whistleblowers with non-monetary incentives
  8. Report on whistleblowing metrics holistically
  9. Incorporate whistleblowing into the employee exit process
  10. Take additional steps to prevent unlawful detriment

The co-authors also recap recent changes to the global whistleblowing landscape.

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StoneTurn Senior Manager Emilia Drozda and Manager Lucy Cryan contributed to this article.

About the Authors

Jonny Frank StoneTurn

Jonny Frank

Jonny Frank brings over 40 years of public and private sector and law and business school teaching experience in forensic investigations, compliance, and risk management. He helps organizations and counsel […]

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Julia Arbery

Julia Arbery

Julia Arbery, a Partner with StoneTurn, has more than 15 years of experience in ethics and compliance. Specifically, she assists multinational corporations with the development and implementation of effective ethics […]

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