Global regulators continue to bear down on cross-border anti-corruption and anti-money laundering enforcement with multinational corporations increasingly finding themselves on the receiving end of hefty fines and damaging headlines.

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With regulators across the globe and world leader’s laser focused on cross-border anti-corruption enforcement, multinational corporations are less likely to come under scrutiny if they have an effective ABC/AML program that accounts for their operations in place. Julia Arbery discusses the steps that multinational organizations can take to help evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance program.

This article originally appeared in German in Journal der Wirtschaftsstrafrechtlichen Vereinigung e.V.

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Julia Arbery

Julia Arbery

Julia Arbery, a Partner with StoneTurn, has more than 15 years of experience in ethics and compliance. Specifically, she assists multinational corporations with the development and implementation of effective ethics […]

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