The law regards corporations as persons. By extension, serious ethics and conduct failures equate to corporate heart attacks and ethics and compliance (E&C) professionals to cardiologists. E&C practitioners, acting as corporate cardiologists, can re-frame the compliance value proposition and help companies prevent, detect and recover from serious ethics and compliance failures.

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Like cardiologists, E&C professionals serve patients, albeit corporate ones. And, like an effective doctor, they must have good bedside manner, help patients prevent and detect sickness; and be there when serious illness occurs to solve the immediate crisis, return the patient to to good health and avoid recurrence.

In this article featured by Compliance Week, Michele Edwards and Jonny Frank, both former leaders of highly visible corporate monitorship teams, explain how to approach the full compliance lifecycle with almost surgical precision. The compliance and remediation experts highlight how practitioners can subject high-risk areas to an E&C ‘cardiac stress test’ and in the process, win over business leaders, regulators and government-appointed monitors alike.

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Jonny Frank StoneTurn

Jonny Frank

Jonny Frank brings over 40 years of public and private sector and law and business school teaching experience in forensic investigations, compliance, and risk management. He helps organizations and counsel […]

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Michele Edwards

Michele Edwards

Michele Edwards, a Partner with StoneTurn, has more than 25 years of combined experience in fraud and compliance risk management, compliance and monitoring and auditing. She specializes in assessing, implementing […]

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