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Practice Areas

As a global advisory firm, StoneTurn assists companies, their counsel and government agencies on regulatory, risk and compliance issues, investigations and business disputes. Learn more about our capabilities:

  • Compliance & Monitoring
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    Compliance & Monitoring

    Corporate counsel, compliance professionals and internal audit teams face ever-increasing expectations. Regulatory scrutiny is on the rise.

    There is significant pressure to cut costs. The threat of reputational damage is significant. StoneTurn helps firms in Brazil and throughout Latin America become more proactive by identifying sources of criminal and unethical conduct, and implementing procedures and protocols to avoid future problems. We also serve as a court- and government-appointed independent monitor to assess remediation efforts. Turn to us for:

    • Compliance & Risk Assessments
    • Transaction Monitoring
    • Investigations
    • Data Analytics
    • Prevention of Future Misconduct
    • Monitorships
  • Investigations
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    StoneTurn looks beyond the surface when it comes to corporate investigations.

    Working collaboratively with your legal team, our professionals provide insightful investigative and financial analyses to help corporate leaders stay one step ahead of Brazilian and other international regulations. Rely on our forensic accountants, data analytics experts and skilled investigators to find salient information that can support responses to these high-stakes inquiries:

    • Regulatory or compliance irregularities
    • Financial fraud and misstatements
    • Asset misappropriation
    • Asset tracing
    • Anti-corruption
    • Anti-money laundering issues
    • Whistleblower allegations
    • Discovery requests
    • Due diligence
    • Workplace harassment issues
    • Business intelligence
  • Due Diligence
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    Due Diligence

    In today’s global marketplace, organizations rely on reputational integrity to build market share, attract top talent and grow sustainably. Business successes are often wiped away by one reputational black mark―especially one that might have been preventable.

    Whether as part of a financial transaction or an inquiry-related fact-finding effort, StoneTurn’s team of “on-demand” forensic accountants, technologists and investigatory researchers partner with corporations and their counsel to strengthen due diligence efforts. Our goal is to ensure that any questionable issues can be addressed―and explained―before an event takes place or the ink on a transaction is dry. Clients rely on our meticulous, fastidious attention to detail when partnerships, IPOs, foreign investments, mergers or acquisitions are on the horizon. Turn to us.

  • Data Science & Analytics
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    Data Science & Analytics

    Businesses are generating vast amounts of data across a growing number of locations at a rapid pace.

    While data can be used to measure or create operational efficiencies, it can also be used to prove or disprove facts in legal disputes and investigations, to identify financial reporting issues, as well as to measure the effectiveness of ethics and compliance programs.

    StoneTurn analyzes volumes of complex financial, accounting and business data; creates dynamic visual models; and extracts key insights in order to provide a factual basis to draw qualitative conclusions and defend business decisions and activities. In addition, clients rely on us for clear strategies on how to align their data with specific objectives.

  • Litigation
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    Rising risks associated with corporate litigation. Potential reputational damage and significant losses. The threat of global claims against Brazilian companies. In-house and outside legal counsel and their advisers are not only tasked with mitigating significant risks, but also to do more with less in an ever-evolving legal landscape.

    StoneTurn’s experts bring decades of experience quantifying damages in business disputes. We work with clients to address the complex financial, accounting and economic-related issues in legal matters ranging from intellectual property disputes to international arbitration. We provide consulting and expert witness services for a range of proceedings with a singular focus — collaborating with our clients to achieve an objective and fair outcome.

  • International Arbitration
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    International Arbitration

    An age of globalization. Businesses trading across borders. International Arbitration gaining momentum in Brazil.

    As foreign markets provide significant opportunities for companies to expand in Brazil, there is a greater risk of legal disputes. International Arbitration has become a preferred method of cross-border dispute resolution in Brazil for its neutral forum, as well as the parties’ ability to select arbitrators who are experts in the field in question, and the flexibility to influence the rules of the proceedings.

    StoneTurn has extensive experience providing quantum damages calculations, analysis and investigative expert witness services in complex international arbitrations. Our team leaders have been publicly recognized in the legal community, and testified on international cases under arbitration rules such as AAA, ICSID, ICC, Lands Tribunal–UK, LCIA, LMAA, SAL, NASD and UNCITRAL. across a range of industries.

  • Expert Testimony
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    Expert Testimony

    When involved in high-stakes legal matters, counsel and their clients need experts by their side to untangle complex facts and provide compelling testimony to ensure the best possible outcome.

    StoneTurn’s experts analyze and explain complex concepts, prepare detailed analyses, and develop clear and concise findings, which are presented in reports and through testimony at depositions, trials and before other triers of fact.


In addition to extensive expertise in disputes, investigations, valuation, compliance & monitoring, forensic technology and data analytics, our professionals bring significant industry experience across a range of sectors:

  • Automotive
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    Driverless cars. Total connectivity. Heightened regulatory standards. The automotive industry is rapidly evolving to keep pace with the latest technology and increasing scrutiny by government agencies around the world.

    Amid the uncertainty, StoneTurn’s proven experts partner with automotive clients to analyze compliance programs to ensure they meet the latest regulatory standards, as well as assist in remediating misconduct to prevent recurrence. We also serve as self-, court- and government-appointed monitors in the automotive industry and as forensic advisers to monitors.

  • Energy
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    Environmental volatility. Declining growth in consumer demand. Increased global focus on anti-corruption. Energy companies face regulatory, financial and economic pressures in an increasingly crowded marketplace. As revenues remain flat and decline, ensuring that compliance, anti-fraud and intellectual property risks are mitigated is integral to surviving in an industry riddled with uncertainty.

    StoneTurn’s professionals are experts in many of the toughest issues facing the energy industry today: acquisition and transaction disputes relating to energy trading; exploration and drilling; diminution in value due to environmental contamination; licensing and patent infringement disputes; the Brazilian Clean Company Act; accounting fraud investigations and class actions; and ownership and royalty interest holder disputes.

  • Financial Services
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    Financial Services

    Heightened government scrutiny. New anti-corruption risks. Unexpected whistleblower allegations. The need to collect and manipulate ever-growing volumes of data. In a post-crisis world, financial services organizations require trusted advisers who bring deep industry knowledge as well as experience across the legal and compliance spectrum.

    StoneTurn’s expert professionals average more than 25 years of experience and have served at more than 25 of the largest financial services institutions, U.K. and U.S. regulatory and prosecutorial agencies, and Big Four audit firms. Our team draws upon this unique experience to help financial services clients manage risks, respond to regulatory inquiries, and investigate alleged fraud and misconduct.

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
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    Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Changing policies and marketplaces. Pricing pressures. Increased regulatory scrutiny. Healthcare organizations around the world face unprecedented challenges as their business model shifts to meet consumer needs, and in managing the tension between innovating new products and meeting more stringent compliance requirements.

    StoneTurn’s professionals have worked closely with global healthcare providers and understand the pressures of the current environment. We have advised pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, biotechnology companies, healthcare providers and government regulators on complex investigations, litigation matters and compliance issues across a wide range of critical areas, including FCPA, billing practices, and intellectual property and other disputes.

  • Private Equity
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    Private Equity

    Post-acquisition disputes. Increasing compliance expectations. Growing anti-corruption risks. Private equity firms and their portfolio companies are struggling to balance the rising costs of compliance and disputes against expectations among investors accustomed to hefty returns of the past. Additionally, fraud due diligence is becoming critically important in transactions as regulators remain focused on anti-corruption measures.

    StoneTurn’s experts have worked across the private equity industry to assist clients and their counsel with litigation, investigations, valuation and compliance issues. We address the complex financial, accounting and economic-related issues in legal matters; look beyond the surface in investigating matters ranging from regulatory inquiries to financial fraud; determine damages in intellectual property disputes; detect anti-corruption risks; and assess the effectiveness of compliance programs.

  • Retail & Consumer Goods
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    Retail & Consumer Goods

    Store closures. Slumping sales. Advancements in technology elevating consumer expectations. The retail industry is undergoing transformation from a traditional brick-and-mortar model to an online-driven landscape that is introducing significant challenges. At the same time, retailers and consumer products manufacturers face complex litigation, intellectual property disputes, fraud investigations and compliance risks.

    StoneTurn’s experts have worked with clients across the retail and consumer products industries. We bring significant experience in assisting corporate executives and their counsel to address the complex financial, accounting and economic-related issues in legal matters; look beyond the surface in investigating matters ranging from regulatory inquiries to financial fraud; determine damages in intellectual property disputes; manage risks; and assess the effectiveness of compliance programs.

  • Technology
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    Rising cybersecurity risks. Significant advancements at a rapid pace. Global competition for intellectual property ownership. Technology companies today must continually innovate to stay ahead of both security risks and their competitors, while legally protecting assets. In a fast-paced business environment in which knowledge sharing has become more widespread and competition for employees is fierce, managing these challenges is now more difficult than ever before.

    StoneTurn’s professionals have deep expertise working with technology firms on complex disputes, including intellectual property, as well as risks and investigations. We assist with intellectual property valuation, patent, copyright and trademark infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and Lanham Act actions. Our Forensic Technology and Data Analytics professionals often work seamlessly with our other teams to assist clients in these matters.

  • Telecommunications
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    Explosive growth in connectivity. Increased pressure on infrastructure to move larger amounts of data faster. Uncertain regulatory landscape resulting from an uptick in consolidation. As more consumer products “connect,” telecommunications companies have significant opportunities for growth. To remain competitive, these organizations must continue to invest in infrastructure, global presence and technology.

    StoneTurn’s professionals are experienced in assisting telecommunications companies with the challenges and opportunities they face in a global, fast-moving market. We assist with intellectual property valuation, trade secret misappropriation, due diligence for M&A and lending transactions, and investigations into FCPA and accounting fraud allegations.

Select Cases

  • Forensic Adviser to Monitor of Large Medical Device Corporation
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    Forensic Adviser to Monitor of Large Medical Device Corporation

    StoneTurn served as the forensic adviser to the Independent Monitor of a large multinational medical device corporation. In this role, we provided forensic accounting assistance related to FCPA issues in connection with a deferred prosecution agreement and settlement with the DOJ and the SEC. StoneTurn analyzed and assessed the company’s compliance program and internal controls, which included substantive testing of high-risk accounts and transactions. Our work involved site visits to numerous locations in the world, including Brazil and Mexico. We also assisted the Monitor in preparing for meetings with the DOJ and SEC.

  • Termination of License Agreement Dispute at U.S. Apparel Company
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    Termination of License Agreement Dispute at U.S. Apparel Company

    StoneTurn was engaged by a U.S.-based apparel company to assist in a dispute resulting from the termination of a license agreement with the company’s distributor in Brazil and Argentina. Our work consisted of preparing analyses to rebut the damages analysis of the distributor’s expert witness. These analyses included assessing sales projections for both Brazil and Argentina, evaluating the costs to produce the products, and quantifying the country-specific risks associated with doing business in Brazil and Argentina. We issued an expert report summarizing our conclusions.

  • Investigation of FCPA Violations in Brazil for a Private Equity Firm
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    Investigation of FCPA Violations in Brazil for a Private Equity Firm

    Counsel engaged StoneTurn to investigate a matter involving inquiries into alleged FCPA violations in Brazil regarding certain real estate investments. StoneTurn performed data analytics on disbursement data to identify potential anomalies in the accounting records for subsequent transaction testing. Our analysis involved the forensic review of supporting documentation to assess the reasonableness and sufficiency of the information as it related to the allegations and to evaluate whether the transactions were in accordance with company policies and procedures.

  • Review of Vendor Allowances at U.S.-based Office Supply Chain Company
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    Review of Vendor Allowances at U.S.-based Office Supply Chain Company

    StoneTurn was retained by a U.S.-based office supply chain company to assist Internal Audit with its review of recorded vendor allowances for one of its subsidiaries located in Brazil.  StoneTurn’s review included an assessment of the legitimacy of the recorded allowances and proper accounting treatment. StoneTurn issued a report summarizing its findings and recommendations for additional procedures to be performed by the company to close out its review and determine the impact of the results on its financial statements.

  • Expert Witness Testimony in International Arbitration Dispute
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    Expert Witness Testimony in International Arbitration Dispute

    StoneTurn provided expert witness testimony in an international arbitration dispute between the European subsidiary of an American manufacturing company and a distributor based in Brazil. StoneTurn’s work included an analysis of the manufacturer’s sales to the other distributors and quantification of damages due to alleged breaches of contract by the Brazilian distributor. Specifically, StoneTurn quantified damages in excess of $50 million resulting from loss of profits to the European subsidiary and a loss of business value resulting from the alleged breaches of contract.

  • Forensic Accounting Investigation at Pharmaceutical Company
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    Forensic Accounting Investigation at Pharmaceutical Company

    StoneTurn assisted counsel to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors to provide forensic accounting services in connection with joint inquiries by the DOJ and SEC into potential financial reporting issues. During our work on domestic accounting issues, allegations arose regarding the company’s Brazilian distributor making improper payments to government officials. StoneTurn performed a separate analysis of the original allegations, along with additional analyses involving potential payments and expenditures involving doctors. Our work involved onsite transaction testing at the company and distributor to investigate the allegations. We participated with counsel in presenting our findings to the DOJ and SEC.

  • Forensic Adviser to Monitor of Tier One Automotive Supplier
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    Forensic Adviser to Monitor of Tier One Automotive Supplier

    StoneTurn serves as Forensic Adviser to the NHTSA and DOJ-appointed independent Compliance Monitor of a Tier One automotive supplier. In this role, StoneTurn assists the monitor in his oversight of the largest automotive recall in history, and his evaluation of the suppliers’ product safety assurance procedures, data integrity processes, and ethics and compliance programs. We also are evaluating the effectiveness of the internal audit function and lab testing and reporting controls at over 40 production facilities around the world. StoneTurn conducted multiple site visits to the company’s Brazil and Uruguay operations, which consisted of walkthroughs, interviews with employees and substantive testing of lab records. As part of the lab testing, StoneTurn performed a forensic analysis of over 6,000 unstructured data records using cutting-edge data analytics techniques to provide valuable insights to the monitor.

  • Controls, Procedures and Culture Analysis at Latin American Airline
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    Controls, Procedures and Culture Analysis at Latin American Airline

    We conducted a high-level assessment (GAP analysis) of FCPA governance structure for an airline including a bottom-up review of reporting structure; assessment of risk culture; a number of interviews, including in certain high-risk areas; a review of high-level financial controls and reporting structure; and an assessment of compliance functions needs, top-down communications, training, management knowledge, etc. We assisted with the evaluation of the quality of the controls, procedures and the culture. As a result, we were able to provide a list of prioritized actionable recommendations to be implemented by the company internally or with the assistance of outside consultants to improve the reporting structure, efficiency of the process, and prepare for potential regulatory review. An area of focus included on-the-ground operations in Mexico.

  • International Asset Tracing of a Brazilian Citizen
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    International Asset Tracing of a Brazilian Citizen

    StoneTurn was hired by a Brazilian law firm to conduct international asset tracing and equity participation research related to a Brazilian citizen. We conducted research on sources of international public records, including personal identification and address, family members, equity participation, real estate registrations, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and financial information, with the purpose of assisting our client in Brazil in settling debts that the person incurred before changing their home address.

  • Reputational Due Diligence on a Chinese Company
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    Reputational Due Diligence on a Chinese Company

    StoneTurn was hired by a Brazilian law firm to conduct due diligence services with a Chinese company (supplier) to identify potential regulatory and reputational issues. Surveys were conducted in China, both in English and Mandarin, by analyzing public and private records, covering equity participation, litigation, restrictive lists, media, and regulatory issues. The result of the work allowed the customer to make a decision regarding the renewal of his agreement with the supplier.

  • Compliance Risk Assessment of a Mining Company
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    Compliance Risk Assessment of a Mining Company

    StoneTurn professionals assisted a mining company in Brazil in a comprehensive compliance risk assessment. We assessed the risks related to bribery, competition and other key compliance risks throughout the global operation and created a compliance program enhancement plan.