Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Valuation

BASED ON EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN EVALUATING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN THE CONTEXT OF LICENSING TRANSACTIONS AND LITIGATION, our Intellectual Property professionals are often called upon to perform valuation analyses of patents and other intellectual property for use by clients in connection with potential transactions. With advance degrees in business, economics and accounting, and possessing national valuation, licensing and accounting credentials, our Intellectual Property professionals are well-versed in generally accepted valuation approaches along with the unique twists that apply to intellectual property.

The rapid expansion of Intellectual Property commercialization efforts through the emergence of both publicly and privately held Intellectual Property holding companies, technology licensing companies, Intellectual Property aggregators, and transaction intermediaries have dramatically changed the Intellectual Property marketplace.  We closely monitor and stay current on Intellectual Property transaction activity including reported portfolio acquisitions, auction results, public Intellectual Property holding company market capitalizations, and information gathered by other public and proprietary databases, as well as through active participation in Intellectual Property professional organizations.

With respect to Intellectual Property valuation, our service offerings include:

  • VALUATION SUPPORT.  We regularly assist clients in developing economic analyses to support potential acquisitions or sales of intellectual property.  Our assistance includes conducting industry, market, buyer, and seller research, as well as conducting research into relevant third-party transactions through public and proprietary databases.  We have worked equally with outside counsel, in house counsel and client business personnel.  Our research and analyses are then used by the client to supplement their own analyses and negotiations in trying to consummate a deal.
  • VALUATION OPINIONS.  We are regularly retained by clients to provide Intellectual Property valuation opinions outside of a litigation setting as well as in a litigation context.  We use generally accepted approaches to the valuation of Intellectual Property as reflected in the body of knowledge published by the AICPA, ASA, NACVA and other valuation reporting and credentialing organizations.  Outside of litigation, our opinions are prepared for client use in connection with contemplated sale, joint venture and lending transactions.  In connection with litigations, our opinions are provided under applicable court rules and have been used in connection with post-acquisition, business destruction, business disparagement, bankruptcy, fraud and trade secret misappropriation disputes, among others.