Forensic Accounting

Asset Misappropriation

MISAPPROPRIATION OF COMPANY ASSETS IS THE MOST COMMON FORM OF FRAUD and financial loss facing organizations today. As today’s business environment becomes increasingly more complex and global, the opportunity and likelihood of losing corporate assets to fraud increases dramatically. Asset misappropriation fraud schemes, even in the simplest of forms, can often be difficult to detect and unknowingly result in losses that add up to significant dollars.

At StoneTurn, our Forensic Accounting practitioners are well versed in the multitude of asset misappropriation schemes that can be perpetrated within an organization, from basic skimming techniques to complicated fraudulent billing schemes and everything else in between. With our deep subject matter knowledge, we offer a highly experienced and competent team of certified public accountants, investigators and data analytics experts to assist in investigating suspected or alleged asset misappropriation fraud. Our team can help dissect how the fraud occurred, quantify the potential losses, assess internal control weaknesses and recommend remedial action.

In addition to reactive fraud investigations, through our Fraud, Waste & Corruption Consulting practice, our capabilities also include proactive fraud prevention and detection consulting, controls assessment, and data mining of large transactional data sets, such as vendor and procurement data, in order to identify anomalies. At StoneTurn, we work with our clients to provide thorough, cost-effective solutions that help you not only understand the financial impact of past events, but help protect against future losses.