Alan Ratliff, Ambreen Salters, Christopher Martinez Recognized as Top Patent Damages Experts in 2016 Patent1000

StoneTurn Group is pleased to announce that Alan Ratliff, Ambreen Salters and Christopher Martinez have been recognized as top patent damages experts in the U.S.

Over a period of five months, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) interviewed hundreds of attorneys, patent attorneys and in-house counsel across the country to compile the 2016 IAM Patent 1000 — The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners. Each of the experts listed received sufficient positive feedback from peers and clients with knowledge of their practice and the market in which they operate to qualify for the recognition. Twenty-three experts were recognized as Highly Recommended, including Alan, while Ambreen and Christopher were recognized among Recommended experts.

According to IAM’s 2016 Patent 1000:

Forensic accounting, economics and valuation expert Alan Ratliff has some unique credentials. Prior to joining StoneTurn Group and establishing the firm’s Houston base, he was a public accountant and, preceding that, a litigator at a top global law firm. “He knows how to present damages arguments in a rational way that lay people can understand and resonates with juries.”

For more information on the IAM Patent1000 and to view the complete list of experts, visit: Best Patent Damages Experts