Stanley Chan

Stanley Chan, a Managing Director with StoneTurn, has more than 13 years of experience in compliance investigations, internal control assessments, compliance and ethics monitorships, and complex commercial and corporate accounting disputes.

His primary areas of concentration include investigations into asset misappropriation, improper revenue recognition, anti-money laundering (“AML”) and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) compliance, and other accounting and financial improprieties.

Stanley provides financial consulting services on matters involving complex commercial litigation, post-acquisition purchase price disputes, breach of contract and fraud investigations. In addition, he has also provided financial consulting in connection with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and various other regulatory agency investigations, and internal investigations on behalf of Boards of Directors and Audit Committees. Stanley has worked with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies across a range of industries.

Prior to joining StoneTurn, Stanley was with a Top Five global bank, where he served as Vice President of Global Compliance Operations (“GCO”). In this role, he was responsible for coordinating and executing global Risk and Control Self-Assessments throughout the GCO organization.

Previously, Stanley was with a large global professional services firm, where he served as a Director in the Global Forensics and Disputes practice. Prior to this, he was with another large professional services firm, where he was a Director in the Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice.

Stanley began his career as a Product Accounting & Controls Analyst in the Fixed Income division of a large financial services institution.

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StoneTurn’s culture and core values empower everyone—from the staff to Partner level—to be more entrepreneurial and participate in an engaging and fun work environment.

Stanley Chan

Q: Every day, StoneTurn professionals help clients untangle complex problems. Can you give us an example of a great client challenge you faced and how you successfully solved it? (Please no naming names of clients here).


Our clients trust and rely on StoneTurn for our professionals’ unique expertise, experience and insight to untangle their complex problems. Our diverse team brings years of industry and regulatory knowledge to help resolve government inquiries, conduct internal and external investigations, and serve as an adviser or compliance monitor. As the monitor to a global investment bank, we provide recommendations to enhance the bank’s capabilities to monitor and identify areas of potential fraud from a comprehensive perspective.

Q: Perhaps, StoneTurn’s greatest cultural trait is our firm’s genuine interest in people. Can you provide an example of how you went above and beyond for a client or colleague?


A genuine interest in people—whether clients or colleagues—is one of many reasons people are attracted to StoneTurn. I personally experienced this during my second week at StoneTurn, when my son was born. Everyone at the firm sent well wishes, though I had barely met anyone outside of my office. These kind and thoughtful gestures were the first of many experiences that demonstrated StoneTurn’s genuine interest in people.

Q: Why is the culture at StoneTurn so important to you?


StoneTurn’s culture and core values empower everyone—from the staff to Partner level—to be more entrepreneurial and participate in an engaging and fun work environment. Our culture promotes collaboration, which enables us to work together to achieve personal and professional objectives, while putting the needs of our clients first. The firm also offers flexibility when it comes to helping professionals balance work with the needs of a family. Overall, it comes down to doing the right thing for the client, while maintaining a focus on professional and business development efforts, as well as our personal goals.