Meryl P. Kaye, a Managing Director with StoneTurn, brings more than 20 years of experience as an investigative strategist and research analyst. She works with both private and public sector clients on a broad range of matters, including due diligence, litigation support and asset searching, as well as investigations into matters of corporate malfeasance, corruption and financial fraud.

Throughout her professional career, Meryl has consistently discovered valuable information in support of resolving complex legal matters and business disputes. She has significant experience in formulating investigative strategies, performing comprehensive analytical research, as well as uncovering information that can be relied upon and used as a foundation for building cases.

Prior to joining StoneTurn, Meryl was a Senior Director at Lemire LLC, a firm specializing in compliance, risk and investigative matters. Meryl oversaw Lemire’s Research and Analysis practice, where she provided guidance to the firm’s analytical staff in utilizing advanced research methodologies to uncover material information on a variety of cases, including those involving fraudulent business practices, pre-transaction due diligence, asset identification and employee misconduct. Meryl also developed specialized staff training in investigative research techniques while at Lemire and was responsible for quality control of the practice’s work product.

Earlier, Meryl served as a Principal with Cornerstone Investigations, LLC, a professional investigative firm where she performed confidential investigations on behalf of legal, corporate and financial sector clients. Her specific investigative research related to matters concerning breaches of contract, conflicts of interest, expert witness credentialing, trademark infringement and real estate fraud.

Before that, Meryl was the Director of Research and Intelligence for SafirRosetti (now Guidepost Solutions), an investigative and security services firm. Meryl oversaw analytical research on complex, multi-faceted assignments in coordination with the team’s field investigative efforts. During this time, Meryl worked in support of a range of matters, including those relating to insider trading, breaches of intelligence, mergers and acquisitions and counterfeit goods.

Earlier in her career, Meryl held managerial positions with two global intelligence and investigative firms.

Meryl is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of New York.