Bryan Feagans, a Manager with StoneTurn, brings experience in providing compliance consulting services to clients, primarily in the financial services and automotive industries.

Bryan has experience assisting companies, government agencies, and regulators with the assessment of compliance programs and internal controls and advising companies on how to remediate and enhance compliance programs to help prevent and detect fraud.

Specifically, Bryan has provided international monitoring and remediation services within a number of high stakes monitorships, including the Business Ethics Monitor team to a major automotive manufacturer, two top 15 major global financial institutions, the nation’s largest non-bank mortgage servicer, and a Tier One automotive supplier.

Bryan currently serves on a team of forensic advisers to the DOJ-appointed Independent Compliance Monitor and Auditor of a Fortune 10 automaker. Previously, he supported the DOJ-appointed Independent Compliance and Ethics Monitor of a global investment bank.

Bryan has also worked on investigations, assisting clients in responding to allegations including SEC inquiries. He has worked on engagements related to investment adviser/private fund expenses and trade allocations, hedge accounting, and fraudulent financial reporting. He has also worked to assist a company identify inappropriate payments that may be in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Bryan’s work compliance and investigations involves designing, articulating and analyzing the results of numerous data analytics tests for large loan review datasets to identify trends and discrepancies. Additionally, he works with large document populations to ensure business compliance with applicable regulations.