Andrew Jackson, a Senior Adviser with StoneTurn, has over 30 years of experience in the security, intelligence and compliance field in both the public and private sectors.

Andrew has a deep understanding of corporate reputational risk dynamics. He spent 13 years with the U.K. government Diplomatic Service (security and intelligence) and 15 years in the private sector in roles involving international corporate security, investigations, compliance, and reputation management.

From 2002 until early 2016 Andrew worked in a variety of senior security roles for Novartis AG, most recently as Global Head of Corporate Security for Novartis International. In this role he was the most senior Novartis security executive, reporting directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Andrew established the Business Practices Office, the Novartis Group fraud and misconduct prevention and detection program, incorporating a reporting misconduct and investigation program and whistleblower protection framework in alignment with internal and external legal requirements. In addition, he implemented a global risk management program to counter internal and external threats to the company, including theft of sensitive information (IP, R&D, marketing data, etc.), animal rights extremism, fraud, and product security issues (counterfeiting, diversion, theft, tampering, etc.). Andrew also oversaw multiple fraud/corruption/misconduct investigations globally, including several FCPA-related investigations.

In addition to English, Andrew is fluent in German, French and Czech, with a good knowledge of Russian and Spanish.