Ahmed Saleh, a Partner with StoneTurn, brings more than 15 years of experience in incident response, threat intelligence, cybersecurity strategy and risk management. A former Special Agent with the United States Air Force and NASA, Ahmed combines his public and private sector expertise to help organizations across a range of industries prevent, mitigate, investigate and remediate cybersecurity incidents.

Formerly the Head of Content & Information Security at Amazon Studios, Ahmed assists clients in sectors including financial services, healthcare, technology, media & entertainment and more. He leverages first-hand insights gained through high-profile security leadership positions at Amazon, as well as IBM, Disney ABC Television Group and The Walt Disney Company to assist CISOs in building and integrating information technology and cybersecurity initiatives. Specifically, Ahmed leads clients through all phases of complex endpoint and network security projects, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality and availability of information, while creating the proper controls to minimize the impact of potential threats.

He advises clients on the ever-evolving cyber crime landscape, conducts technology and security assessments of systems, providers, vendors, cloud offerings and custom-built solutions and regularly serves as an on-call adviser to enable organizations to make sound risk-based decisions while protecting their most sensitive assets.

Before his work with multinational corporations, Ahmed served as a Special Agent in NASA’s Computer Crimes Division, where he conducted cyber crime investigations domestic and abroad, with national security significance. Prior to NASA, Ahmed served as Chief of Cyber Operations and Investigations for the United States Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations. In that role, he led proactive cyber counterintelligence and law enforcement operations and advised on sensitive and complex security threats and investigations.