Annabel Kerley, a Partner with StoneTurn in London who focuses on assisting clients in a range of global investigations, also serves as Vice Chair of the Private Prosecutors’ Association (PPA) – a U.K.-based membership organization for professionals with expertise in bringing private prosecutions and academics with an interest in the field. Annabel was instrumental in the development of a new Code for Private Prosecutors, now available at The Code was created following extensive consultation with criminal law experts and is designed to increase public confidence, protect both parties, and facilitate proper scrutiny of the ethical issues unique to this alternative route to prosecution.

Increasingly common in the U.K., private prosecutions allow individuals, businesses or organizations who have been the victims of crime to pursue justice in the criminal courts by bringing a case themselves, without the involvement of law enforcement agencies. Often, a private prosecution will be commenced, prepared and carried out by an external party such as a law firm, accountancy firm or private investigative firm. This provides an alternative way to achieve resolution―and potentially recoup losses―without further burden to the public sector.

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Annabel Kerley, Partner, discusses private prosecutions as an increasingly useful tool in fighting corporate fraud in the U.K.

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Annabel Kerley

Annabel Kerley, a Partner with StoneTurn, qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2004. For over 13 years, she has specialized in forensic accounting, building up a considerable track record in […]