Would-be fraudsters at public and private companies generally go to great lengths to keep their misconduct hidden from even the most seasoned investigators and internal auditors. Companies and their counsel are therefore increasingly relying upon assistance from data analytics to uncover fraud, waste and abuse before it creates more significant financial and reputational issues down the line.

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Forensic reviews of business data, bolstered by data analytics, help to root out misconduct and can increase the efficiency of internal auditors and investigators, allowing business leaders to focus on and more effectively manage identified risk areas. Further, as the world learned from the coronavirus pandemic, effective methods of remote work are critical to business longevity.

In a chapter for ComplianceLab’s 2021 e-Book, Compliance Applied to Law, Patricia Latorre explains how data analytics can often uncover patterns and pinpoint potential issues in ways that even seasoned human auditors cannot.

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Patrícia Latorre

Patrícia Latorre, a Partner with StoneTurn, has over 25 years of experience in risk management, compliance and auditing. She specializes in implementing, assessing and remediating anti-fraud and compliance programs. She also […]

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