Complex Business Litigation

Loss Claims and Economic Damages

Business disputes can involve a range of complex economic and financial issues.  A successful resolution often requires comprehensive analysis for the determination of the economic and financial impacts. StoneTurn’s Complex Business Litigation professionals rely on an extensive knowledge of accounting, economics and financial reporting to help identify the relevant facts and issues, and to develop credible and defensible economic damages opinions.  We are not only experienced in the creation of sophisticated financial models, but our experts are also skilled at presenting our analyses and conclusions in a clear and effective manner.

StoneTurn professionals work closely with counsel throughout the dispute process to ensure a comprehensive damages approach is integrated into the overall strategy.  Areas in the dispute process where StoneTurn can assist include:

  • Expert Witness Services We have been designated as experts in litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings throughout the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia.
  • Damage Assessments on a Consulting / Non-Expert Basis.  We can assist counsel and client companies in the development and assessment of their claims prior to or during litigation to aid in risk assessment and to scope ranges of possible economic damages.
  • Discovery and Deposition Assistance.  Based on our expertise in finance, accounting and economics, we can provide counsel and client companies with perspectives on many discovery-related activities, such as identifying key areas of discovery relevant to economic damages and evaluating the opinions of opposing experts.