Complex Business Litigation

Alter Ego Claims

In today’s economic climate, contract breaches, toxic torts and defaults by failing businesses often result in claimants seeking to “pierce the corporate veil,” or otherwise assert claims against affiliated entities and owners to recover losses. For such claims to be successful, claimants must persuade the courts to set aside the protections generally afforded corporate and other limited liability entities. To obtain such relief, claimants must present factual evidence that the respondents have disregarded corporate formalities and requirements and acted as the alter ego of their affiliates or owners. Thus, being able to fully understand and properly assess relevant indicia of alter ego is imperative for all parties involved in an alter ego dispute.

StoneTurn brings valuable knowledge and experience in investigating alter ego claims. Using this knowledge and experience allows us to efficiently identify and investigate factual evidence (i.e. indicia of alter ego) and to assess the relevant issues and relationships that support or refute the existence of an alter ego. StoneTurn’s Forensic Accounting and Forensic Technology professionals are well-versed in summarizing and interpreting detailed records and providing clear explanations and opinions based upon the totality of the information of the case.